With works like Domu and Akira to his name, screenwriter and manga-ka Katsuhiro Otomo is universally well-known and respected. He is, however, not exactly the most prolific artist in the world, often leaving fans waiting for years on end for his next project or collaboration.

So although we’re thrilled to announce his next work will in fact be completed by March of next year, you should know that it’s going to take a little traveling to get a good look at it. You see, the currently untitled Otomo public art piece will hang in all of its 24-square-meter (258 sq ft) glory in the lobby of the terminal building of Tohoku’s Sendai Airport.

The actual completed mural will be a ceramic relief currently being crafted by a team of 10 people at Creare studios. The design is based on Otomo’s illustration pictured above. Although it features many elements of traditional Japanese art, the mural still retains Otomo’s darkly playful style, such as the boy wearing thick-rimmed glasses and riding atop a cybernetic carp.

The theme of the mural is described: “Accompanied by Fujin (god of wind) and Raijin (god of thunder) the boy rides against nature’s might towards the future he desires.”

With the image of a massive wave in the background it’s hard not to be reminded of the tsunami that hit Sendai Airport during the 2011 earthquake. Otomo is also a native of Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku.

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The mural was funded by the Japan Lottery Association and proposed by the Japan Traffic Culture Association whose mission is to install public art works in stations and airports all over Japan. Considering Otomo’s local roots and international fame, an airport in Sendai seemed like an appropriate fit.

And with its scheduled completion in March 2015 that should be plenty of time to reserve your plane ticket for a trip to Sendai for an 8.7m by 2.8m eyeful of cyberpunk beauty.

Source: @Press News via NetLab (Japanese)