Hometown hero will appear in downtown Kyoto’s Shijo-dori Underpass.

With Super Mario Bros. Wonder scheduled for release on October 20, the video game star is going to be returning to a lot of Switch screens. Even before that, though, he’ll be making a special appearance in Nintendo’s hometown, Kyoto.

The Shijo-dori Underpass (Shijo-dori Chikado in Japanese) is a subterranean pedestrian passageway that connects the Shijo subway station and Kyoto-kawaramachi train stations in downtown Kyoto. The corridor runs for several blocks underneath the streets, and since 2017, one section has been reserved for art displays, the next of which is going to be a massive mural of Super Mario artwork that stretches for roughly 100 meters (656 feet) from end to end!

The mural doesn’t appear to be Wonder-specific, but even the partial view in the preview image shows such iconic elements of the franchise as Princess Peach’s castle, Goombas, Piranha Plants, Koopas, Yoshi, Bullet Bills, and a whole slew of question mark blocks, pipes, and power-ups. The side-view perspective perfectly creates the feeling of looking at a Super Mario level in a real-world scale, and it’s going to be very hard for any fan who’s walking by to resist the urge to make a little jump as they pass the various platforms, pitfalls, and other obstacles in the image.

The precise location of the mural will be between exits 10 and 11, corresponding to Shijo Teramachi-dori and Shijo Fuyacho-dori streets on the surface.

▼ The mural will be at the stretch marked 展開場所 on the map below.

The Super Mario mural will be installed on October 1, and will be viewable for a limited, as-yet undisclosed time. Oh, and if you’re going to check it out, don’t forget that Shijo Station, at the west end of the Underpass, is very close to the Kyoto Pokémon Center.

Source: Kyoto City
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