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Ever felt like you needed a little company or affection but didn’t want to go through the hassle of actually interacting with another human being face-to-face?

You might go for a new pet – a dog, cat, or, in even the creepiest of circumstances, an exotic reptile – or you might head to an online chatroom, some kind of hotline, a mobile app, or maybe even one of those newfangled virtual schoolgirl ogling simulators.

Or, if you’re a misunderstood serial killer, maybe you’d instead go for one of these incredibly disconcerting hugging clown chairs.

This “Anti-Loneliness” chair from Japan’s UniCare retails for a little shy of US$500 bucks, is intended for geriatric care, and is just gender neutral and clown-like enough to be awkward for men, women, children, elderly and basically everyone but aspiring clowns to sit in.

In addition to having unrealistically long arms somewhat reminiscent of the limbs of Alien‘s xenomorph, the chair/doll also has weird 2-dimensional feet, achieving the surreal and discomforting side effect of making the sitter appear as though their legs are actually the doll’s legs when viewed from certain angles.

The horror and creepiness of the so-called “Tranquility Chair” is perfectly captured in this – for some reason – promotional photo. The photo appears to depict a man, expressionless and staring blankly into the distance, whose brains are slowly being sucked out by the chair, which is smiling contentedly as it savors the sweet taste of the man’s thoughts and emotions.

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Source: My Game News Flash
Photos: UniCare