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There are a lot of topsy-turvy world “What if…?” scenarios to ponder. Like, “What if I’d invested the money from my crappy summer job as a kid instead of blowing it all on Fruit by the Foot?,” “What if John Candy had lived to make Cool Runnings 2?,” or even, “What if cats ruled the world?” (oh wait, that one’s true…).

But if you were ever wondering what the world would be like if Disney were run entirely by Japanese people, it looks like a particularly talented animator with a love of anime has taken the time to give you a short glimpse of that scenario with this awesome anime tribute titled, “What if Gravity Falls was an anime?”

While I’m not too savvy to the exact story of Gravity Falls, seeing as I finally got out of the kid-oriented cartoons game when I turned 30, research yields that it’s a comedy cartoon with an energetic, distinctive animation style.

The animation in the original show is polished and cool to look at, sure, so the new anime spin that animator Mike Inel has put on it isn’t necessarily improving on the original, but it definitely looks cool and obviously took a lot of work:

The anime-fied version uses existing audio from Gravity Falls and matches the animation exactly to it. It looks like it was mostly, if not entirely, produced with digital animation tools and there’s even a pretty nifty making-of video.

For an even more in-depth analysis of the production process – or if you just want to drop by and thank Mike for taking the time on this fan project – you can drop by his Tumblr page here.

Source: alfalfalfa