A truck crashes into a smaller car on a highway, compressing it like a cola can. The heap of metal then continues to plough though a line of cars, scattering them like billiard balls. Mere seconds later, intense orange flames engulf the entire segment of the highway and thick, black smoke fills the air.

This sounds like a scene right out of a Hollywood action movie, but unfortunately this is real life. If you can stomach the intense footage, check out the following video from Japan’s ANN News channel, which shows an everyday highway scene turn into a mess of metal and flames in the blink of an eye.

The accident occurred on October 16 on the Meishin Highway in Hashimashi, Gifu Prefecture as a heavy goods vehicle rammed into a row of cars that had begun to reduce their speed. It is unclear at this time whether there were any fatalities, but at least four people are believed to have been injured and five cars were ablaze just moments after the truck struck the first vehicle.

Japanese netizens commented:

“They catch fire so easily.”

“I usually drive my wife and two kids around. If I were caught in this situation, I am not confident I’d be able to save my kids…”

“[After the fire] the car door seemed undamaged. Maybe they were able to escape?”

“This footage is too much. If I were in the cars in front, I would be agonized.”

Tragedies like these are a stark reminder that accidents can happen at any time. We at RocketNews24 hope that, if you happen to be reading this story on a mobile device while out and about, you remain aware of your surroundings and stay safe at all times. Take care out there, folks!

Source: 2ch, YouTube