car accident

Fukuoka woman drives through front of convenience store because she really needed to pee

Sometimes, peeing your pants is better.

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Nine injured in Tokyo after man drives car into pedestrians on Takeshita Street in Harajuku

Police are investigating whether this was an act of terror in retaliation for the execution of Aum Shinrikyo cult members last year.

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Dump truck miraculously saved from going off a bridge at the very last second 【Video】

Dashboard cam footage shows just how amazingly close to disaster the driver came.

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Bull suddenly rams into a sedan at railroad crossing in China, captured on video

If you think you’re having a bad day today, one  motorist probably has you beat.

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Pokémon GO-playing driver’s two year prison sentence for manslaughter upheld. Was it enough?

How heinous a crime is using a smartphone while driving?

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Drive recorder catches the moment a car flies into the front of an oncoming bus

A freak car accident on an Aichi highway is captured in frightening detail.

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Man overjoyed as woman who crashed into his car turns out to be AV star Maria Ozawa【Video】

Someone crashing into the side of your car is rarely a fun experience, but one man in the Philippines forgot all about his fender bender when he realised who was driving the other car…

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Driver who killed cyclist in crosswalk accident found not guilty, causes controversy in Japan

Pedestrian crosswalk laws are all over the place no matter where you go. What’s considered jaywalking varies by country, and in the U.S. each state has its own laws for exactly how far the pedestrian needs to have crossed on the crosswalk before you have to stop.

In Japan, typically vehicles are expected to yield to anyone in a crosswalk at all times. That’s why the judge’s decision in a recent landmark case is taking the country by storm right now: a cyclist was killed by a car in a crosswalk, and the motorist was found to be in no way at fault.

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Shocking footage of accident on Japanese highway reminds us of the fragility of life 【Video】

A truck crashes into a smaller car on a highway, compressing it like a cola can. The heap of metal then continues to plough though a line of cars, scattering them like billiard balls. Mere seconds later, intense orange flames engulf the entire segment of the highway and thick, black smoke fills the air.

This sounds like a scene right out of a Hollywood action movie, but unfortunately this is real life. If you can stomach the intense footage, check out the following video from Japan’s ANN News channel, which shows an everyday highway scene turn into a mess of metal and flames in the blink of an eye.

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You (only) live twice! Repair work begins on priceless Toyota 2000GT crushed by falling tree

The world’s car fans wept in unison earlier this month when a freak accident caused a 30-metre beech tree to fall on an eye-wateringly expensive Toyota 2000GT. Widely recognised as the first Japanese supercar, the 2000GT has been known to sell for over 1 million dollars, and although we were relieved to hear that the driver escaped with only minor cuts and bruises, the photos of his trashed car brought tears to car-lovers’ eyes.

The 2000GT’s regular production run in the late 1960s was so limited that only 351 were ever built, and when these photos emerged of the flattened vehicle, many assumed that the number left in existence had just got that little bit smaller – and the car, therefore, a little rarer. However, Japanese website Nostalgic Car TV reported June 14th that the car in question is to be repaired and restored, promising regular updates as it is brought back to its former glory.

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