Get inspired for the weekend with this fun YouTube video from Down Under! It’s sure to leave a big smile on your face and an itch to get your dancing shoes on.

We know RocketNews24 usually only covers Asian stories, but this one was just too smile-inducing not to pass up, and Australia is in the Asia-Pacific region after all.

The gist of the video is that a guy in a tuxedo starts a party on a moving train. He first gives a little speech stating that his goal is to ‘spread a little bit of happiness’ and help to break the ice between commuters, and asks people to join in if they feel like it or maybe just clap along. Then he sets the music playing and starts dancing around like a little bit of a loon. He could have just been a crazy guy dancing around in a tux on a train while all the other passengers tried to ignore him, but instead it turns into a full-on dance party. His enthusiasm is infectious and it’s not long before other passengers get up to boogie on down.



There are a few people who don’t look so impressed or look a bit bemused, but most people get really into it. The people at the next stop all seem quite happy to shimmy their way onto the train and get involved right away.

The idea behind the video is to encourage people to get chatting during their train journeys, and the tag line at the end reads “If we can start a party What’s stopping you from starting a conversation?” It’s a nice idea, and I would be so up for joining in, but I can’t imagine how this would go down on a train in Japan where just catching someone’s eye puts them on edge with the fear that you’re about to murder them. For now I’ll just have to live vicariously through the video below.

Music Credits
I Feel Good – James Brown
Come Alive – A Skillz & Krafty Kuts
So Good – Tuxedo

Source: YouTube