Newly unveiled “horror room” in Osaka apartment promises a creepy day or night’s stay

The room makes for a perfect spooky Halloween backdrop, unless you’re one of those people that happens to find old-fashioned dolls soothing.

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Turn your water bottle into a Japanese toilet!

Complete with a two-metre jet spray to get the party started.

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Do you need this unnecessary Santa disco light from Francfranc this Christmas? Yes, yes you do

If you’re planning to have a Christmas party at your house, it’s a must-have!

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Our Japanese staff holds an extreme potluck with the legendary “Dark Nabe”

Join us as we dabble in the dark culinary arts with a hot pot not for the faint of heart.

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Ivanaka Trump posts photo of Filipino snack at daughter’s birthday party, confuses the Internet

There’s definitely something confusing here, but it’s not the food….

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It’s the RocketNews24 Christmas Party! Coming to you from the McDonald’s off Highway 8

Ain’t no party like a RocketNews24 Christmas party because a RocketNews24 Christmas party don’t stop…even if you pray it does.

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All aboard the Kobe Disco Train! Runs from Tanigami to Okaba Station with a stop at Funkytown

If the name is any indication, the Kobe Disco Train promises to be a more uptempo and commercially viable version of a soul train.

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Trump masks sold out in Japan… but why? Japanese netizens weigh in with their reasons

How come Japanese people are buying up these masks faster than cheap real estate?

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Microsoft Japan holds “Girls-Only Xbox Party” and it looks awesome!【Pics】

Cute snacks and fun decorations make the Xbox seem a lot more inviting.

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Party on the Seibu line! Rent a train car for your alumni buddies—beer included

All aboard the party train!

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Wanted: 2,300 people to dance like the walking dead at Halloween zombie party village in Tokyo

Halloween just keeps getting bigger in Japan. While stores are full of all sorts of cute paraphernalia to mark the celebration and a number of Halloween activities are marked on the calendar, there’s one very special event that’s bigger and more unusual than any other in Tokyo. In fact, it’s so popular the organisers sold all 2,000 tickets in one evening and are now offering an extra three hundred tickets to those who get in quick by applying online.

It’s the Zombie Party Village, which comes alive once a year with thousands of walking dead—all of whom are free to dance to their unbeating heart’s content without being bothered by angry mobs and cross-bearing priests. If you’d like to be a part of the 2,300-strong zombie dance collective, read on to find out all the details after the break.

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Burning Man getting too crowded? Head to Burning Japan instead!

Burning Man hardly needs an introduction—the annual festival has become so thoroughly ingrained in mass culture that even your boring elderly relatives are complaining about Jack Ü performing. Still, we’d stop short of calling it “mainstream,” even if there were around 70,000 participants this year.

But maybe 70,000 people is too much for you, or maybe you were stuck in boring old Japan while everyone else was having a blast with Skrillex “on the Playa.” If so, we have good news: There’s still time to plan your trip to Japan’s version of Burning Man, Burning Japan!

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It’s almost Christmas! Time to buy a sexy, freaky, or inexplicable costume!【Photos】

Bells are jingling, gift lists are daunting, and snow is…not falling in Tokyo. That can mean only one thing: Christmas, Japan’s favorite romantic holiday, is almost here! While your crazy uncle might tell you that Christmas is apparently under siege in some parts of the world, the only holiday worry you’ll find in Japan is getting the right present for your girlfriend.

But don’t be fooled by all the lovers roaming the streets and tormenting lonely single folks, it’s not all romance. There’s more to the season that kissing atop Tokyo Tower–there are also parties and cosplay! Join us after the jump to check out some of the typical outfit offerings on sale in Japan this Christmas.

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Get in the mood for the weekend with the Perth party train!

Get inspired for the weekend with this fun YouTube video from Down Under! It’s sure to leave a big smile on your face and an itch to get your dancing shoes on.

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Japanese blogger calls for party to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, whines when criticized

Though it’s not something we think about often, Japan has a number of very strange and ardent groups of ultra-right-wing conservatives. You can often catch them riding around in black vans or stinking up online forums denouncing pretty much everything. The ideology that each of the groups expresses tends to vary, though rabid nationalism and emperor-worship are typical.

Some of them also apparently love the Nazis–and one of them, one Hiroyuki Seto, has even called on people to join him for a party celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday. “Crazier than a barrel of monkeys” is an appropriate description…

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Pizza Hut Japan’s latest promotion gives “golden crust pizza” new meaning

Though it may not be a traditional holiday dish, pizza is often the perfect entrée for the holiday season. After all, between Christmas and New Years, there’s bound to be an opportunity to throw a party for your friends, and for those who’d rather not slave away in the kitchen for a day, pizza is often the best way to provide food to a group.

Well now Pizza Hut Japan has given us a new reason to party: in its latest promotion, the company is giving away actual gold necklaces worth nearly a thousand dollars each.

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All aboard! Taking a ride on Kumamoto Prefecture’s party train

Kumamoto, a rural prefecture on Kyushu Island off the mainland of Japan, is one of the remaining “car societies” in a country using more and more public transportation. It is also home to one of the country’s roving party locations: the Beer Garden Train. While it’s nothing unusual to see drunk people on public transportation in Japan, this one-car trolley actually encouraged us to imbibe!

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