The “Japanese Beyoncé” is here to represent Kate Spade’s latest candy-colored Margaux satchels with her patented style and shimmying moves!

Japan has been in love with the hilariously over-the-top antics of comedienne Naomi Watanabe for years, even before her solo debut in 2008. With her incredible dance moves, positive persona and wicked style, Watanabe has conquered the spheres of fashion and social media, and even broke into the global market with her hilariously off-beat make-up commercials.

She isn’t done making an international name for herself either: Watanabe was just named as fashion brand Kate Spade New York‘s global ambassador for 2020! This is the first time a Japanese woman has been selected to represent the brand, and Naomi is already using her typical good humor and perfect rhythm to complement the brand’s latest offerings.

▼ The print version of the ad campaign was posted on the streets of Manhattan, New York on January 27.

The promotional materials star a decadently-dressed Watanabe, flush with saccharine springtime colors and her hair twisted into pair of chunky, brightly colored bon-bon buns. She’s the perfect match for the handbag she’s holding: Kate Spade’s latest Margaux Dégradé Medium Satchel, striped in delicious tones of lychee, swordfish blue, and lemon sorbet. The satchel in the video is on sale now, and can be purchased for around US$328 online.

In the commercial, Watanabe busts some serious moves around a gigantic, luminous Margaux satchel before clambering all over it. Once she’s dangling off the satchel’s pretty leather tag, she and the bag are whisked away by an appropriately gigantic version of herself… And it only gets weirder from there! In case you’re itching to not only purchase an adorable satchel for yourself but recreate the commercial’s sense of scale, you’ll want to head over to Shinjuku’s Isetan department store

▼ A pop-up store for Kate Spade’s Margeaux line will function from January 27 to February 18.

The store itself is split into those same vibrant stripes, with dedicated aisles for each color that the satchel comes in. Meanwhile, one side of the shop is dedicated to the primary attraction, the multi-colored Margeaux — and it features a gigantic Margeaux satchel of its very own, ten times the size of a regular bag.

▼ The satchels come in a spread of luscious shades.

You won’t want to miss your chance to snap photos in such a bright and colorful environment, especially since the store offers a promotion where you can potentially win one of ten satchels hand-signed by Watanabe herself. Expect to pay a premium when purchasing regular satchels, though — the medium satchel you can purchase online in America retails for 52,800 yen (US$484.15) including tax when purchased in Japan.

▼ Naomi Watanabe parties alongside her palette-perfect satchel.

If you’re looking for more Naomi Watanabe content, make sure to check up on the fashion offerings of her own plus-size line Punyus, especially her 2017 collaboration with Sailor Moon!

Shop information
Kate Spade New York Margaux Pop-up Shop / ケイト・スペード ニューヨーク margaux pop-up shop
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku, 3-14-1 Main Building First Floor
東京都新宿区新宿3-14-1 本館1階
Open 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., January 27 to February 18
Telephone: 03-3352-1111

Source: PR Times, YouTube/kate spade new york
Top image: YouTube/kate spade new york

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