The latest commercial making a splash in Japan involves the unlikely combination of Bollywood and a Japanese snack! A young boy who recently participated on India’s Got Talent advertises curry-flavored rice crackers while showcasing his incredible dancing skills despite being adorably plump. Just a word of caution: after watching this video, you may be tempted to get up and start dancing!

Eight-year-old Akshat Singh, a native of Kolkata, India, has really been making a name for himself after impressing on TV program India’s Got Talent. He even appeared earlier this year on the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show in America. His dancing is technically brilliant despite being so young, and equally as captivating are his passionate facial expressions.

Recently, he was invited to star in a promotional advertisement for Sanko Seika (三幸製菓), a traditional Japanese snack company based in Niigata City, Japan. The product being featured is the new Parinko “pari-pari” curry-flavored (thus the connection to India) line of rice crackers. The video was shot in India and directed by Takahiro Akiyama of Japan, and co-directed/choreographed by Jasmin Oza of India. Its song is sung in Hindi to give it an authentic flair, and the infectious refrain of “pari-pari” (pari-pari means “crispy”) can be heard several times throughout the ad. Singh is joined by several back-up dancing friends as well as a group of dancing ladies. In true Bollywood fashion, will he be able to get the girl with his snack of choice??

▼Check out that hip style!


▼Like any good Bollywood film, there needs to be a heroine.


▼First it’s the boys’ turn to show off their dancing skills…


▼…and then it’s the girls’ turn.




▼Impressive! He also does a split.


 ▼Singh’s enthusiastic expression


So yes, in the end he does get the girl. They look so happy biting into the rice crackers together. Doesn’t it make you want to buy them, too?

Sources/Images: YouTube, Yahoo! Japan