How can anyone not love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu? She’s cute, kooky, and occasionally ooky – and she recently dressed up as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride! Kyary shared several snaps on her official Twitter account of herself getting made up as the Corpse Bride, hitting the streets for some spooky fun, and even meeting the great man himself!

▼ Here’s Kyary getting made-up with full body paint!

▼ Kyary as Emily, the Corpse Bride

Kyary’s night was made complete when she bumped into Tim Burton himself, who praised her costume.

▼ “Tim Burton-san and me. He said: ‘Amazing!’ I’m so happy.”

Now, you might think that just happening to run into Tim Burton while dressed as a character from one of his most popular movies seems, hmm, a bit unlikely. Well, it turns out that Mr Burton was in Tokyo for the “World of Tim Burton” exhibition, which it seems Kyary attended.

You can see the backdrop of the event behind her here. Excellent fangirling, Kyary!

▼ How adorable does she look?

We reckon you can see the Tim Burton influence quite strongly in Kyary’s 2012 music video for her hit “Fashion Monster”. What do you think?

You can see how popular Kyary is with fans around the world just by checking out those impressive Twitter stats! We can’t wait to see what wacky look Kyary tries out next…

Source: Nicovideo
Images: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Official Twitter