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Even the pets of Japan want to show their respects to the recently passed yokai author Shigeru Mizuki.

Just a few days ago Shigeru Mizuki, legendary Japanese author of the popular yokai manga Gegege no Kitaro, passed away. His works may not have found much popularity abroad, but in Japan there were very few people who didn’t know about Mizuki, making his passing a solemn event for the whole nation.

It seems that Japan’s human residents weren’t the only ones affected either. Shiba Inu duo S-kun and H-chan showed their respect to Mizuki by cosplaying as characters from his manga in these photos posted on Twitter:

▼ “…there’re some yokai in my house *sweatdrop* Everyone, be careful when you’re out late or else these guys might find you.”


▼ Here we have the protagonist of GeGeGe no Kitaro, Kitaro himself with Medama-oyaji, Kitaro’s father (and also an eyeball).

yokai shiba inu (1)

▼ And here’s Nezumi Otoko, a half rat-monster half-human (and in this case half-dog) creature.

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▼ The two of them are so still, it’s almost like they’ve seen a ghost *ba dum ch*

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▼ On the left is Konaki Jiji, an old-man yokai who crushes his victims to death, and on the right a classic umbrella yokai, Karakasa.

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Japanese netizens were overwhelmed by the pair’s cuteness. Here’s what they had to say:

“D’aww, I want to be possessed by them!”
“I can’t look away… it must be some sort of yokai mind control.”
“Such straight faces. Those two must take their craft seriously.”
“I want to battle with these guys in Yokai Watch!

Shigeru Mizuki worked hard to bring Japanese yokai into the mainstream, and it’s our turn to continue his life’s work by introducing them to the world outside of Japan. I think we can all agree that the world could benefit from a few more pets dressing up as umbrella yokai.

Source: Twitter/@C_S0325 via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@C_S0325