Someone doesn’t think blasting EDM in the streets is a good pon pon wei to celebrate Halloween.

Let’s face it: people either love Halloween in Shibuya or they hate it. Some think it’s a great way for people to mingle and express creativity while others blast it for its lack of security and, well, certain other incidents.

Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu made it quite clear to the world that she is in the Halloween haters group with a Tweet that inspired over 50,000 responses.

The tweet, which she posted in the early hours of the morning on November 1, reads:

“It just so happened I had to go through Shibuya on my way home [on Halloween night] and I saw all of the young people. When the heck did Halloween become so chaotic? It’s super uncool for people to be revving their motorcycle engines and blasting EDM. Go a club!! That’s what I think!!!!!!!!”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s very open opinion inspired some very open support among fans and netizens alike.

“Say it louder!”
“No one can take their kids out if it’s like this.”
“Wow, it’s been a while since Kyary got angry.”
“Seriously, this. I think they have the wrong idea about what Halloween is supposed to be like.”
“They cracked down on the rules this year, so this is pretty safe [as far as Halloween goes], actually!”

We can’t say we blame her for calling it chaotic seeing as nine people were arrested in Shibuya on Halloween night this year, but we also can’t get enough of Japan’s unique spin on Halloween costumes, like the “Jimi” costumes meetup.

It’s not really our place to to deny Kyary Pamyu Pamyu her opinion, but at least now we know not to get in her way if she’s going through one of Tokyo’s most hopping Halloween districts on All Hallow’s Eve.

Sources: Twitter/@pamyurin via Hachima Kikou
Top image ©SoraNews24
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