Rubber duckies make any bathtime lots of fun, but what does a tub full of one thousand tiny yellow quackers have the power to do?

We’ve found three public baths that provide guests with the unique experience of bathing in a sea of rubber duckies. Check out the surreal photos after the jump!

Sento are public Japanese baths that allow guests a relaxing dip in hot spring or tap water. They were once the only choice for taking a proper bath in Japan, but have become less popular now that nearly every home comes equipped with its own tub. Commonly found in Japan’s big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, it can be hard to differentiate one sento from another. However, a few public bathhouses have realized that rubber duckies make everything better and now provide the unique and blissful experience of bathing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of rubber ducks.

One such sento, Yamanoyu in Tokyo, claims to fill their tub with 2,300 yellow squeaker toys.

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Showayu in Osaka started their rubber ducky bath as a one-time event after realizing that it took a considerable amount of time to clean, disinfect, and dry one thousand ducks one-by-one. However, customers couldn’t get enough of the sea of yellow and asked for the return of the rubber duck bath. Now Showayu provides this fun experience four times a year.

▼ Filling up the tub!

10347610_789577714418742_4293636199892539414_nImage: Facebook (昭和湯)

▼ Some of those duckies need to learn how to swim…

1374853_598273823549133_579193723_nImage: Facebook (昭和湯)

▼ Or you can just add one giant duck into your bath.

12872_459172734125910_1053011531_nImage: Facebook (昭和湯)

Yuraku, a large complex in Osaka that includes 20 different indoor and outdoor Japanese baths, also has a tub full of rubber ducks. The several thousand of them floating on the surface of the water in a lovely flower shape adds an extra dash of whimsy, and the ducky mural on the wall makes sure you always have company while taking a dip.

04Image: Yuraku

We have a feeling these rubber duck baths have the power to brighten even the worst of days. How can you not smile when you have thousands of cheerful, squeakable ducks floating around you?

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter (maonyan_0726)