Parking can be tricky sometimes, but when you’re trying to manoeuvre a large vehicle around tight spaces in a Japanese carpark, things can get a little scary.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the accident pictured above, yet after the photo was posted on Twitter there was one thing everyone wanted to know: how come the rear wheels were hanging in mid-air?

The dramatic scene was captured immediately after the incident by a passer-by who posted the photo on Twitter. There was a loud noise and smoke, and then suddenly there was a van with its rear end in the air. From the angle above it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened, but things became clearer from the side.


The van had toppled over a yellow-plated kei car which happened to be parked behind it. Kei cars, with their small frames and 660cc engines, are known for being lightweight, but their stamina isn’t usually put to the test in a parking scenario like this. The little kei that could did a mighty good job of standing up to the larger vehicle though. Here’s what net users had to say about the images on Twitter:

“The kei driver is going to be in tears over this.”

“The driver of the bigger vehicle needs to hand over their license.”

“I’d blow my fuse if this happened to me!.”

“The driver must have really put the pedal to the metal for this to happen.”

“Is this modern art?”

“It looks like the van fell from the sky!”

“They’re about to turn into transformers.”

“It’s parking acrobatics – the beginner’s course.”

However it happened, mistaking the brake for the accelerator can have dire consequences. Thankfully it was only a car and a bit of pride that got hurt here. Stay safe everyone!

Source: Hamusoku
Photos: えび @abz257 奈良巧 @naratakumi