We take a soak in a Japanese money bubble bath

The fun way to throw money down the drain. 

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Petition started to stop Doraemon from constantly showing Shizuka in the bath

She’s clean. We get it already.

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Handsome Japanese rickshaw drivers get hot and steamy in their new music video

All to promote Japanese culture, of course.

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Never feel lonely in the tub again! We try Japan’s Bobbing Seal floating bath toy【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter purchased a forever friend to lighten up his cleanliness rituals.

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Japanese bath hack: Toss iris leaves in the tub for a traditional shobu yu soak【Photos】

For health, happiness and just having fun!

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Capybaras celebrate winter in luxurious mikan bath【Photos】

Hot springs aren’t only for humans.

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New Japanese bath salts smell like outer space if outer space was juicy, fruity and sweet

Ever wanted to bathe in the Milky Way? These new bath salts will have you smelling like stardust in no time!
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Bathe in yakiniku grilled beef, beer and more with new bath powders from Japan

Realise your dreams of becoming your favourite food or drink with six new weird and crazy flavours to soak in.

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It’s just another night of bath time fun for these two water-loving kitties

Splish splash they were takin’ a bath!

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Bathe with Japan’s famous hot spring monkeys in the comfort of your home with these tub stickers

Because it’s always nice to have such cute company, right?

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Japanese mother discovers hilarious reason why her son comes out drenched after cleaning bathroom

It turns out her son has been practicing his snake charming skills.

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Cute cat discovers bathtub for first time, eventually learns how to jump out after falling in

Nobody can hold in their laughter after watching this adorable little kitten’s jump fail from Japan!

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Naked Japanese bathtub drifting 【Video】

Because sometimes you want to add some fun to bathtime, and also the chance of crushing your loins.

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What’s furry and wet and irresistibly cute? Otters … in your bath! [Video]

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a bath with some cute otters? Well, this lucky Twitter user gets to do exactly that — right in his own home!

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People in Japan are obsessed with a French holiday where you celebrate by bathing in a pool of wine

While the French still produce and consume the most wine per capita, Japan is continuing to grow as one of the biggest wine markets in the world — and they’re not afraid to show their passion for the beverage.

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12 awesome features of Japanese bathrooms you won’t find in the west 【Video】

Japanese bathrooms, or ofuroba, are very different to bathrooms in the west, and in this day and age they also come with a whole host of cool tech. Let’s take a look at a typical modern Japanese bathroom and let the cute little Aika take you through all its awesome characteristics in this fun and informative video.

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Adorable cat delivers daily dose of cute, appears to be enjoying a hot bath 【Monday Kickstart】

Cats love small spaces, so it may come as no surprise to see this cute feline looking content as it takes a catnap in this bucket.

Of course, if you’re a an avid cat blogger, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed to add a towel to make it look like your kitty is relaxing in its very own personal bath.

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Soggy moggy takes a bath, goes into a CATatonic trance 【Video】

We can’t stop watching this video of this kitty in the tub. There’s something so hypnotic about it.

Maybe it’s the blissful yet still somewhat ambivalent expression on the face of the cat. Maybe it’s the little hand towel balanced on its head like it’s an old Japanese dude in a hot spring. Maybe it’s the yellow bath water (what’s in it, custard?). We have no idea, but we’ve watched it approximately a thousand times in a row and can’t decide what’s going through kitty’s mind.

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Onsen in Nagano will now welcome foreigners with tattoos, as long as they patch ’em up

Many foreign visitors to Japan are curious about taking a dip in one of Japan’s many hot springs or sento public baths, but are deterred by two factors: the embarrassment of being naked in public, and the worry that even having a small tattoo – very much taboo in Japan – might result in being ejected from the premises. While the first issue is something that can be overcome with a little bravery, the second issue is undoubtedly a problem.

However, a resort inn in Nagano has now publicly stated that they will allow foreigners with small tattoos to enter, providing they cover up the offending ink with a patch.

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Handy bath pillow doubles as a smartphone holder, might also be giving you a hug

After a long, hard day at work or school, there’s nothing like a nice, hot bath. But then again, a lot of people also like to unwind by kicking back and sending a few emails, watching a video or two, or perusing the Internet’s most profound sources of knowledge on their smartphone.

Rather than choose between the two options, some people opt to take their phone into the tub with them. But if you’re so tired you’re craving two indulgences at once, having to grip your phone in your hand while you soak can really put a damper on maximizing your rejuvenating/loafing time.

So instead of doing that job yourself, why not get one of these inflatable bath pillows that double as a smartphone holder to do it for you?

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