It can’t be overstated just how in love with Disney’s Frozen Japan is. The return to classic “princess tale” Disney form was received especially well by the Japanese – notorious consumers of all things cute that they are.

Of course, this means that you can’t go five minutes in Japan without hearing either the English or popular Japanese version of the film’s hit single, “Let it Go.” It’s long since become grating to hear and we really wish they’d just, er… stop.

But if there’s one way to send the song out with a bang before everyone mercifully, um… gives it up, it’s this awesome figure skating routine by Japan’s Asada sisters.

The routine starts with arguably the lesser known of the two, Mai Asada, skating solo for a while, before Olympic medalist and Japanese icon Mao Asada glides in; it wouldn’t be a Frozen tribute without that sisterly element, after all.

Taking place at the 2014 “The Ice” – a figure skating event featuring Japan’s top talent and brought to you by chocolate manufacturer and purveyor of weird hamburgers, Lotte – the “Let it Go” routine was easily the highlight of the night.

Mao and Mai have split career paths recently, with the elder Mai increasingly appearing as a model and “talent” on the variety show circuit, while Mao continues to be the face of figure skating in Japan, so it’s also nice to see the two sisters reunited on the ice.

Still, as beautiful as the performance was, we think this is the last time we’ll be able to tolerate hearing that song before we take an icepick to our ear drums.

Source: YouTube