With the holidays swiftly approaching, what better time is there to pamper your pet pooch with a brand new doggie house? While store-bought dog houses may leave you strapped for cash, thanks to a tip from one Japanese forum user, now anyone can build their own doghouse using ordinary household items.

A quick word of caution before you begin–you may want to measure your dog beforehand, unless you want to wind up like the poor pooch in the following pictures!

The following captioned photos were posted on a Japanese website about how to construct a “simple” DIY doghouse:

▼”First, construct a frame out of clothes hangers.”


▼”Then, wrap a spare piece of clothing around it.”


▼The finished product. Our furry friend looks decidedly unimpressed.


▼”Dude. I can’t even–“


While the finished project is fairly impressive (I don’t think I would have the patience to combine all those hangers together!), most Japanese net users chose to focus on the disparity between the dog and the house in size in the comments section:

“The dog grew up while he was making it!”

“The dog’s face, LOL”

“First he looked troubled, then sulky, haha.”

“Maybe this project is better suited for cats.”

“Uh, it’s not really that simple to make…”

Sorry, furry guy–looks like you’ll have to wait for your human to build a bigger pad, unless you want to use this one as a leg warmer instead!

Source/Images: Hamusoku