Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu performs nine-year medley of his routines, but not on the ice【Videos】

“This is the journey I took with my programs since March 11 2011” says gold medalist in unique substitute for suspended sporting events.

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Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva receives hate mail in Japan, fans respond with viral hashtag

Japanese fans come out in force to show their love for the anime-loving skating star.

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Russia’s gold medal-winning skater gets a dog from Japan, picks an unusual Japanese name for it

Alina Zagitova wants to give her new Akita Inu a name that means “victory,” but there’s one thing she might be overlooking.

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Older female fans’ steamy comments about gold medal skater Yuzuru Hanyu spark debate online

Some call the sentiments creepy, while others say they mirror their own.

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Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir skates to music from anime Yuri!!! on Ice【Video】

Hit anime series continues winning over figures from the world of professional skating.

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Sake on ice! Akita sake brewery has special brewing process that is spinning up tons of interest

Who knew Japanese sake and figure skating would score a perfect 10?

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Young limbo-skating prodigy has moves like Spider-Man, smashes world record【Video】

An insanely flexible young Indian athlete breaks the Guinness World record for limbo skating.

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Asada sisters nail it with “Let it Go” figure skating routine

It can’t be overstated just how in love with Disney’s Frozen Japan is. The return to classic “princess tale” Disney form was received especially well by the Japanese – notorious consumers of all things cute that they are.

Of course, this means that you can’t go five minutes in Japan without hearing either the English or popular Japanese version of the film’s hit single, “Let it Go.” It’s long since become grating to hear and we really wish they’d just, er… stop.

But if there’s one way to send the song out with a bang before everyone mercifully, um… gives it up, it’s this awesome figure skating routine by Japan’s Asada sisters.

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Why a Korean speed skating star changed his name and started racing for Russia

Twelve years ago, South Korea’s Ahn Hyun-soo crashed into Apolo Ohno a few feet from the finish line in the men’s short track 1000m at the Olympics.

It sparked an intense rivalry between the two skaters that peaked at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, where Hyun-soo won three gold medals to Ohno’s one.

On Saturday night in Sochi, the Hyun-soo won gold again. But now his name is Viktor Ahn, and he skates for Russia.

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Japanese reporter’s luck worse than his preparation as he fails to recognize two medalists

While Japan has its own baseball and soccer leagues, the steady improvements in ability by Japanese players have ironically led to a talent drain in domestic games, as the best players get recruited to compete on bigger stages in the U.S. and Europe. These days, what really gets Japanese sports fans fired up is international competitions like soccer’s World Cup and the Olympic Games.

With the Winter Olympics going on right now in Sochi, Japanese TV is filled with nonstop onsite reports from the Russian city. In the scramble to get as much content as possible, though, one news outlet sent out its reporter so woefully unaware that he didn’t recognize the two Olympic medalists standing right in front of him, one of whom he was having a conversation with.

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