sailor skate 1

Move over Mao Asada, this 16-year-old figure skating superstar is stealing the hearts of Japanese fans.

When you watch figure skating, it might seem all about flashy costumes, extended arms and questionable judging. But real fans will tell you it’s about grace under pressure and practically superhuman physical abilities…and flashy costumes. Does that sound like a particular pretty guardian that we know?

Current female world champion Evgenia Medvedeva hails from Russia, but loves all things Sailor Moon. She’s become a bit of a sensation in Japan as she isn’t shy about showing her love for Japanese anime and manga. At her recent performance in Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture, she performed her free skate in what is unmistakably a Sailor Moon costume.

Japanese fans who were excited to see her perform in their home country unabashedly sent her a whole bunch of gifts all centered around a Sailor Senshi theme.

However, Medvedeva’s biggest surprise was probably getting to meet Naoko Takeuchi, artist and author of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, after her performance.

Medvedeva already has a fair number of titles and gold medals under her belt, and with this season being her first chance to compete at the senior level, she is poised to become a staple atop the podium for years to come. But, we are willing to bet, that this one day in July is going to stick with her until the day she retires, because how often do you get to meet your idol while doing the thing that you love?

Source & top image: Instagram/jmedvedevaj