Feline YouTube star Maru brings the cute again in this new video titled “Maru never gives up”. It’s as simple as the description states: “Maru believes that he can get into all boxes. And Maru never gives up.” Join us after the jump for the full video and a breakdown of this chunky little neko‘s antics.

In this latest episode of the ongoing saga of Maru vs various boxes, the rotund feline remains unfazed by the challenge facing him as he attempts to fit his entire fluffy self into a box that’s never going to accommodate him, unless it’s secretly a TARDIS.

Whether it’s because he’s relentlessly optimistic or just oblivious to his actual size in relation to the container, we can all learn from his example of never giving up on a challenge!

“This would make the best bed ever…”


“…if I could just fit.”



“Time for the face-first approach.”


“…And if that fails, there’s no shame in trying butt-first.”


“I’m sure I’ve managed something like this before.”


“Maybe I overdid it on the kitty treats this holiday.”



“I’m nearly there, I am, I am!”




▼Are you comfy there, Maru? “Yes. Extremely.”
(With a cameo from adopted sister Hana in the background!)


▼One of the previous videos in the saga. He really doesn’t give up, does he?

Maru never fails to make us smile with his silly, charming antics, and the world would surely be a slightly duller place without this furrball! You can check out his other videos here on his YouTube channel.

Source: Kotaro269, YouTube
Screenshots: YouTube