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Manabu Koga, who received recognition for his photo ablums “Underwater Knee-High Girls” and “Underwater Knee-High Girls Plus”, will begin holding a regular talk event, titled Monthly Underwater Knee High Girls, beginning on January 14.

This series, which also received a great response, is a fetish series focusing on women wearing knee-high socks and bathing suits underwater.

A talk event hosted on every second Wednesday, on “Underwater Knee-High Day”. The decision to host it on the second Wednesday of every month comes from the pronunciation of the katakana character “ニ” (ni) – which as well as being in the word “knee” means “two” in Japanese. The choice of Wednesday, meanwhile, comes from the inclusion of the kanji  character”水” (sui/water) in水曜日 (suiyoubi), meaning Wednesday. The event will take place in Bar Zingaro in Nakano Broadway 2F, and will revolve around the topics of art, fashion, fetishism, technology, and hobbies with guests.

Season 1, occurring between January to April, focuses on the theme of women and fetishism with different female creators. Rubber infrastructure artist Cyborg-san will be the guest in January, fashion robot producer Kyunkun-san in February, lingerie brand “feast” (which creates lingerie for smaller-breasted women) designer Gomi Hayakawa in March, and photographer and designer Moira Kuchikaseya (who specializes in fetish works) in April.

It may be obvious to our readers, but the Underwater Knee-High Girls series isn’t simply eroticism or pornography. It’s something that can’t be classified simply as art or fashion. It’s a series that tickles your curiosity in fetishism but makes you want to say “There’s something about this… Kawaii!”

We’d love for you to dive in deeper into Mr. Koga’s Underwater Knee-High Girls’ world, but just keep in mind that the entire talk event will be held in Japanese!

Event Information
Dates: Every 2nd Wednesday (Season 1: January 14, February 11, March 3, April 8 / Season 2: May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12)
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: Nakano Broadway Bar Zingaro/Zingaro Space
(Nakano-ku, Tokyo Nakano 5-52-15 Nakano Broadway 2F)
Price: 2,000 yen (with 1 drink)
Reservation: Bar Zingaro (info@bar-zingaro.jp), please include your full name and phone number