Ever since Mr. Sato returned from his annual overnight vigil to obtain an Apple Lucky Bag, we learned that humans are able to withstand adverse conditions in queues driven solely by their utmost desire for something. Just look at these Apple lovers who braved snow for their favorite brand! So when you see these students in China lining up, we bet your guess is that they are getting $1 TVs…or concert tickets for the latest K-pop star…or perhaps a free iPhone. The answer, however, is none of the above; these students are in fact lining up to…

…get into the library! What you see are students from the Nanjing University of Finance and Economics queuing up, not for free food or a sale, but to get a spot in the library so they can study for their finals!


The pictures were taken at about 7:40 AM and the diligent crowd has formed into long, snaking lines leading to the doors of the library. Note that in Nanjing the temperature drops to 2℃ (35°F) and the grass and leaves around the building were all covered in frost.


As the final exams draw near, many students find themselves most productive when studying in the warm library. In order to meet student demands, the school has extended library hours and also dispatched staff members to manage the lines so that students can waste no time in getting into the library in an orderly fashion.


As someone whose primary activity in the library has always been napping, I am starting to feel a little ashamed of myself for not studying harder. Maybe it’s time I hit up my school library which doesn’t require freezing in a queue to get into. Did this inspire you to work just a little harder?

Source/Images: Livedoor News, h/t ToyChan