What could be a better way to stave off boredom the cold than by dressing your kitty up with a regal lion-like mane?

That’s exactly how Japanese Twitter users have been entertaining themselves this past week–only the “mane” is actually made from the fluffy material of a boot covering purchased at one of Japan’s favorite 100 yen stores, Daiso. Whether the cats themselves are amused or not is a different story…

While it was originally marketed as a boot-warming cover, Japanese Twitter users have found a second use for the fake-fur ring of fluff that can be found in the shoe corner of your local Daiso. With varieties in white, black, light brown, and grey, you can even coordinate the makeshift mane with your feline’s own hue of fur.

Let’s take a look at some of the newly crowned Kings of the Jung–err, Kitchen.

▼First, here’s what the fluffy material is supposed to be used for…

▼…and here it is as a wild kitty mane!

Finally, we have one cat with no need for such plebeian fashion:

▼”I thought about buying my cat one of those boot cover things that are all the rage now, but he’s already got a nice natural scarf!”

One devoted human subject even went so far as to document her domestic cat’s transformation into a fearsome lion on film:



All right, Simba–enjoy the rest of your nap on the fluffy blankets.

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter (@saiyuuki3589rad)