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Day 1: The high school-bound specimen is not well adapted to its “natural habitat.”

In Japan, middle school students in their third and final year are known as jukensei – “test takers.” That’s because in Japan, the land of never-ending tests, those middle schoolers will be taking high school entrance exams in the last months of the school year to determine which high school they go on to.

And these tests are not easy. Even just getting into your local public high school often requires extra time spent studying at juku (“cram school” or “after-school school”), and getting into the most prestigious high schools is just as hard as the most prestigious colleges.

However not all jukensei are as studious as others. One Japanese little brother carefully observed his older brother (a jukensei) in his “natural habitat,” to see what an average day in the life of a “wild” high school-bound student is like.

Here are his notes: (translation below)

Observations of a Wild Jukensei

Day 1

12:00 – The specimen wakes up
1:00 – He begins studying after much whining and complaining, puts strange sound-producing devices into ears
3:00 – Begins falling into brief states of unconsciousness
4:00 – Falls asleep after muttering words which sounded like “Wake me up in an hour”
6:30 – Wakes up, consumes dinner
9:00 – Begins studying while whining and complaining (has only managed to review one subject: Japanese history)
12:00 – Entranced by variety TV, whining and complaining while soaking in the radiation from the screen
3:00 – Goes to sleep

Conclusion: There is no way this specimen will pass his entrance exams.

For those wondering, the observing little brother is a second-year middle school student himself, so it won’t be much longer before he has to endure the tough life of a jukensei as well… spending his days whining and complaining in front of the TV.

Here’s how Japanese commenters reacted:

“There’s no sugar-coating on those observations lol.”
“Better than my son! He skipped juku and didn’t study for even a minute.”
“Ah, the bond between siblings.”
“Oh man, whining and complaining is the best.”
“Staying up to 3:00 a.m. just to observe… that’s dedication.”

We have to say, at least the older brother spent some time studying. It could be so much worse: he could’ve been using that time to post immature jokes about “balls” or to cosplay as an old Japanese man.

Source: Twitter/@cosmolibra via My Game News Flash
Featured image: GAHAG