Some rather peculiar, sticker-altered street signs have been popping up in Osaka or Kyoto over the last month. The eye-catching addendums are the work of French guerrilla artist Clet Abraham, who has done similar projects around the globe. While local residents are largely bemused, the police are not at all amused and are investigating whether charges can be filed.

Abraham says his work plays on the idea that street signs are a symbol of authority. His stickers poke fun at how we unquestioningly follow that authority by making viewers take note of signs that usually blend into the background. He says his work makes people more observant.

When questioned by police, he freely admits to placing the stickers, though he adds that the stickers are designed not to interfere with the function of the street signs.

If Abraham does face legal consequences for the work, it won’t be the first time. He has faced fines in Europe before for similar projects.

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Source: Twitter, FNN
Top image: @busaik