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If you’ve ever visited Singapore, you’ll know that the country has an incredible range of culinary delights to offer. And if you enjoy seafood in particular, one of the county’s numerous signature dishes you’ll definitely want to try when you’re there is the savory Chilli Crab. So when we heard that Nissin was going to come out with a new cup noodle in Chilli Crab flavor, well, we just knew that it was time for another RocketNews24 taste test! So, how did the famous seafood dish taste as a cup of instant noodles?

For those of you unfamiliar with Singaporean Chilli Crab, it’s basically crab stir-fried in a tasty tomato and chilli sauce. Although chilli is used, the sauce is not spicy, but rather mild and sweet.


This is actually the second cup noodle product Nissin has released in the flavor of an internationally popular dish, the first being the Massaman curry flavor they sold in November last year. The new Chilli Crab noodle, which came out last week, is based on their long-selling Seafood Cup Noodle with its pork and seafood based soup, to which they’ve added some crab flavoring. It also comes with a separate package of chilli crab paste which is supposed to add a bit of spice and enhance the crab flavor. But enough of the explanations, let’s move on to the taste test, shall we?

▼The Chilli Crab Seafood Cup Noodles that we’ve been waiting eagerly to taste — it comes in a 97 g (3.4 oz) “BIG” size that’s slightly larger than the regular 74 g (2.6 oz) size, at a price of 205 yen (US$1.74). P1120684

▼Here’s the Chilli Crab Paste that came attached.P1120687

▼The package design with the large crab claws certainly looks appetizing!

▼And the packaging on the top gives us a glimpse of what the noodles look like.P1120697

▼We open the package … P1120709

▼… and it looks basically like their regular Seafood Cup Noodle inside, with dried crab flavored fishcakes, eggs, leeks and red pepper. P1120712

▼Of course, we have to pour in the hot water and wait three minutes.P1120715

▼We warm the Chilli Crab Paste on top of the cup while we’re waiting …P1120716

▼… and finally, we can have the noodles!P1120719

▼But wait, we have to add the Chilli Crab Paste first.P1120722

▼We stir the soup and ingredients well …

▼… and it’s time to chow down!P1120728

And how were the Chilli Crab noodles? To be honest, we thought they actually tasted quite a lot like the regular seafood noodles, except for being slightly spicier due to the Chilli Crab Sauce — they didn’t quite have the sweet flavor of Singaporean Chilli Crab. That said, though, the noodles were tasty enough as a spicier version of the seafood noodles we’re used to with its creamy soup, and quite filling too, due to its large size. So, although we didn’t think it tasted that much like chilli crab, it’s not a bad deal at all for an instant meal/snack that costs just under $2.

Well, we’re quite full and content for the moment, and we’ll be looking forward to more interesting noodle flavors from Nissin. We wonder what dish they’ll be turning into cup noodles next!

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Top image: Nissin press release
Inset photo of chilli crab dish: Wikipedia
All other inset photos: RocketNews24