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The Pacific Rim meets the Atlantic seaboard in Japan’s newest flavor of instant ramen.

Japan and New England might not seem like they’d have much of a connection to one another, seeing as how they’re separated by not only the Pacific Ocean but most of the continental United States as well. In truth, though, the two regions’ histories have been periodically intertwined.

During Japan’s feudal era, when the country was largely sealed off from the rest of the world, some of the Westerners who had the closest views of the secluded nation were the crews of whaling ships based out of New England ports. One of the first Japanese citizens to live abroad, Nakahama Manjiro (also known as John Manjiro), learned English in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and to this day Boston’s art museum showcases some impressive Japanese pieces.

So perhaps it’s not so crazy that Nissin, maker of the Cup Noodle line, has created Boston clam chowder-flavored instant ramen.

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Officially called the Cup Noodle Seafood Clam Chowder Noodle Big, the product is the latest member of Nissin’s internationally inspired line of extra-large-sized instant noodles, coming after previous innovations such as Thai massaman curry and Singaporean-style chili crab ramen. The clam chowder noodles come in a creamy broth, and aside from their marque shellfish you’ll find carrots, potato, egg, and cabbage in the cup.

The clam chowder ramen is on sale now at supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan for 221 yen (US$1.84).

Source: Entabe
Images: Nissin (edited by RocketNews24)