If you’re as introverted as I am, then the thought of public marriage proposals (whether on the giving, receiving, or spectating end) fills you with a deep, visceral horror. Popping the question in front of a big crowd is supposed to be romantic, but it also smacks a bit of desperationwith all these witnesses, how can she possibly say no? But what’s even MORE embarrassing is when your proposal is undeniably, horrifyingly lame, like when that one dude confessed his love to his girl with 99 iPhones, or in this case, where people actually got an aquarium tank diver to hold up cards with their proposal on. Nooooooooooooo!

Twitter user Ahondaraunk posted a compilation of pics showing a diver holding up cards with messages of love to specific visitors. It is unclear if this is a special service the unnamed aquarium provides, or… well… we’re struggling to think of an alternative hypothesis.

▲ “I would rather die than be proposed to via tank diver!”

Let’s take a closer look at these watery messages of love, shall we?

▲ “To Mana, let’s become a family that’s never lacking in smiles. Please marry me. From Akira”

▲ “To Yuki, I have one important request. I’ll do my best to make you happy, so please spend your life with me.”

▲ We can’t quite read this one, but we’re sure it’s… just lovely.

We’re not sure who is more awkward in this tale… the guy who commissioned the diver, the girl who actually looks thrilled (or she may be about to throw up her lunch, hard to tell) or the diver who had to deliver the proposal. Personally, I think the saddest thing is that he (she?) is wearing a Santa costume in several of the shots (because you know, Christmas in Japan is so romantic!)

Here’s what some of Japan’s netizens had to say on the subject (those of them who weren’t too busy trying to pull their faces off from second-hand embarrassment, that is…)

“Santa looks like he’s trying to hang himself.”

“Would any girl be happy with this kind of thing?”

“Jeez, ask the girl herself! Don’t use a proxy!”

“That diver looks dead behind the eyes.”

“What if she says no, and the diver blames himself…”

“Forget cupid, here’s a jellyfish.”

“Plot twist: she marries the diver.”

“Plot twist: a shark swims along and swallows the diver.”

“Don’t involve a third party in your lame marriage proposal!”

“What a lame boyfriend!”

Would you ever consider an aquarium tank proposal, or have the romantic fellows in this post sunk to unfathomable depths in their quest to win the hand of the lady they love?

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusoku