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What do steampunk fashion and a heart monitor have in common? Usually, nothing. But throw in a garter belt and you’ve got yourself a creative and original piece of fashion fusing seemingly incompatible objects. Read on to check out this awesome steampunk cosplay accessory!

Hobbies are exciting, especially when people get completely immersed in them. A sub-section of NicoNico video (Nico-Tech) is dedicated to people and their hobbies. One Nico-Tech user dabbles in steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy that usually features some sort of steam-powered machinery. The setting is a hyper-industrialized Western civilization stemming from the 19th century. Imagine Victorian Britain or Wild West America with airships.

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Frisk_P recently shared his latest steampunk creation: a thigh garter that also doubles as a heart monitor. Since a steam-powered heart monitor doesn’t exist, this accessory cheats a litte and uses some modern-day technology with a bit of window dressing. A small heart rate circuit board is used to read the change in blood flow in the capillaries of your leg through a photoelectric transistor. Paired with an attached meter, it reveals to those around you the rate of your beating heart. It’s even cleverly included a section of the gauge that shows when there is no heartbeat and you are therefore, a zombie.

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Why would you put a heart monitor on your thigh? Well, as you can see, it does a pretty good job of making thigh high socks plus a short skirt look undeniably alluring.

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Frisk_P has quite a few other steampunk projects that he features on his Twitter account. You never know quite what you are going to get, but each piece really speaks to the steampunk style.

Frisk_P’s previous garter design. It didn’t actually incorporate any technology.  

It doesn’t matter if you want one of these steampunk garters for yourself, or that special steampunker in your life, the public is united in its reviews, “Make more!”

Source: Net Lab
Images: NicoNico Video