Japanese Twitter shares some of the best “accidental misreadings” they’ve encountered.

If you’ve studied Japanese, then you know the language can be written two ways: horizontally (like we do in English) or vertically (think tall scrolls hanging on walls).

Most of the time it’s pretty obvious which direction you’re supposed to read something in. But every now and then, something looks like it should be ready one way at first glance, but is actually the opposite. And sometimes these “accidental readings” can be quite hilarious.

Here’s one posted by Japanese Twitter user @zzw30_mrs_gora that caught the attention of the Internet:

“My brain mixed up the vertical and horizontal reading.”
(Explanation below.)

If you can read Japanese, then chances are you’re probably giggling right now, but if you can’t, here’s the short of it.

▼ Normally this is read from top to bottom, like this,
as HD Bideo Henkan (“HD Video Converter”).

▼ But if you accidentally read it from left to right instead,
the “HD” looks like something else….

▼ …it looks like ero (spelled in katakana),
changing the meaning to “erotic video converter.” Whoops!

It certainly doesn’t help that the font used on the item makes the “D” in “HD” look much more like a box than usual, only exacerbating the problem. In fact, many others were having trouble seeing the intended name of the product at all:

“Well this is just more proof of my dirty mind.”
“I literally cannot see it the normal ‘HD’ way.”
“An ‘erotic video converter’ sounds like something an adult Nobita would ask Doraemon for.”
“Is that intentional? If so, it’s a good way to get customers’ attention.”

Others were inspired to share similar misreadings of their own. Here’s a few examples:

▼ This flag, normally read as Sanpo-shi (meaning “Walk Town”),
when read in reverse looks like Chinpo-shi (meaning “Penis Town”).


▼ The song title Maru Maru Mori Mori (“Round and Swelling”), when read vertical,
looks like Mura Mura Mori Mori (“Horny and Swelling”).

▼ Here’s the video for Maru Maru Mori Mori, and definitely not
Mura Mura Mori Mori, which we assume isn’t allowed on YouTube.

And if you want to test how sullied your own mind is, be sure to check out what the first thing you see is when you look at this picture of a bunny washing its… hands.

Source: Twitter/@zzw30_mrs_gora via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@zzw30_mrs_gora