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When most anime fans think of the core cast members of Sailor Moon Crystal, they picture them in their sailor-style combat suits. But while they do indeed don those brightly color-coded getups when it’s time to do battle with the forces of evil, the teen heroines spend most of their week dressed in the uniforms of ordinary junior high students.

If you’ve ever wanted to cosplay not as Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, or Venus, but as their alternate non-magical girl identities, now’s your chance, as you can now buy official uniforms of the schools attended by the Sailor Senshi.

The polyester outfits are produced by ACOS, a provider of cosplay clothing, wigs, and accessories. While the uniforms don’t officially go on sale until February 19, preorders have already started, and ACOS has been showing off the new threads on its website.

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First up is the Juban Middle School uniform. With its white shirt, blue skirt, and red ribbon, it’s about as classic as anime sailor suit designs get.

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At 13,800 yen (US$115), it’s slightly more expensive than the other Sailor Moon uniforms, which sell for 12,000 yen. That extra 1,800 yen does get you a spiffy broach that’s exclusive to the Juban uniform set, though. Plus, since the school is attended by both Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Ami (Sailor Mercury), this is really two costumes in one.

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Usagi and Ami aren’t schoolmates with Rei, though. The fiery Sailor Mars attends TA Municipal Girls Academy, which incorporates a snappy fitted jacket with the school’s crest emblazoned on the breast pocket.

▼ The clip-on scarf is handy, but we can’t help wonder how many TA girls feel their only choice for higher education is Kinki University.

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Less glamorous is the Uniform Makoto Wore at Her Old School, as it’s officially called. Sailor Jupiter doesn’t come from the same comfortable economic background as her fellow Senshi, and even after she transfers into Juban Middle School, she sticks with her previous school’s uniform rather than buy one from her new school.

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Along with a more understated color scheme and blouse, Makoto’s carryover uniform features a retro-style long skirt, which you can make even more low-key by removing the decorative cord from the back of.

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Finally, there’s the Shiba Kouen Middle School outfit worn by Minako (Sailor Venus). While it’s similar in appearance to that of Juban Middle School, the striping on the cuffs and collar of the Shiba Kouen blouse are less busy, and a straight scarf that peeks out in the back replaces the bow seen on the front of the Juban uniform.

▼ Juban (left) vs. Shiba Kouen (right)

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All four uniforms are available in sizes small to extra-large and can be ordered through the ACOS website here (you’ll need to scroll down past the combat suits). Fetching as they are, given their price tags, you’ll probably want to change out of them before engaging in any strenuous physical activity such as playing sports or fighting monsters. To that end, we recommend keeping a spare set of clothes in a gym bag, or, at the very least, a transformation pen in your purse.

Source: Kai-You
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