The Internet had a couple of things to say about this.

China is no stranger to enticing customers to restaurants based on their physical appearance. We’ve seen Chinese restaurants charge people less based on how thin they are and even eat for free if they’re beautiful enough.

And continuing that tradition, one Chinese restaurant named Chaoxia (translated as “Trendy Shrimp”) in Hangzhou City in Zhejian Province recently made news for their own special cost-reduction program: giving discounts to women based on their breast size.

“Someone go with me to eat at Chaoxia lol”


It’s a little hard to tell what’s going on in the above image showing the outside of the restaurant, but here’s the breakdown:

A-cup gets 5 percent off
B-cup gets 15 percent off
C-cup gets 25 percent off
D-cup gets 35 percent off
E-cup gets 45 percent off
F-cup gets 55 percent off
G-cup gets 65 percent off

According to the restaurant, the campaign was very successful, and brought in a lot more female customers, with the average discount being 20 percent.

However, as soon as word about the promotion started to spread, the restaurant received negative feedback. Those against the promotion claimed that it was insulting to women, and was even against advertising law in China. The campaign was shut down by authorities after only three days.

Here’s how Chinese netizens reacted online:

“Judging people based on breast size is humiliating. This is vulgar.”
“How awful, putting some at a disadvantage due to their breast size.”
“Yet another brainless restaurant.”
“How did they judge the breast size anyway? With their hands?”

For those also wondering, the “breast size judgment” was performed by female staff at the restaurant, and they used only their eyes to estimate. If the customer disagreed with their assessment, then they could just tell them their breast size. So long as it wasn’t a painfully obvious lie, the restaurant would just accept whatever they said.

While this was all probably little more than a publicity stunt that the restaurant knew would get shut down pretty quickly, it was a pretty successful one at that. It’s probably only a matter of time before we see a restaurant in Japan offering the same thing, seeing as we’ve already gotten Japanese bars that give women discounts for how high their heels are.

Source: Apple Daily via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Weibo/四毛1016