Start your day the Yoshinoya way, and you’ll get a discount if you come back for seconds before midnight.

Yoshinoya is Japan’s most popular gyudon (beef bowl) chain, and it’s not hard to see why. In addition to serving tasty food at very reasonable prices, Yoshinoya has branches all over. If you’re living, working, going to school, or travelling in even a moderately developed part of Japan, there’s a pretty good chance that you pass by at least one Yoshinoya branch on your commute, and maybe two or three.

In other words, for a lot of people eating at Yoshinoya multiple times a day is geographically viable, and right now it’s an extra economical option, thanks to a discount offer if you eat breakfast plus one other meal at the chain on the same day.

You don’t even have to be an especially early riser to take advantage of this deal. The clock in the above promotional image doesn’t make it entirely clear, but for the purposes of the discount offer Yoshinoya is defining “breakfast” as any meal of 300 yen (US$2) or more ordered between 4 and 11 a.m. As long as you meet those requirements, your printed receipt will include a coupon for 200 yen off another Yoshinoya order made later that day, with the coupon valid until midnight.

▼ Yoshinoya’s standard gyudon is priced at 426 yen, so it qualifies you for a coupon.

You don’t have to go to the same branch, either – the coupon is usable at any Yoshinoya location in Japan. Eating-in isn’t required either, as the coupon can be applied to takeout orders too. Actually, you don’t even have to order a beef bowl. While you can get gyudon all day long at Yoshinoya, they also have a special breakfast-only menu, as well as pork bowls, chicken and egg bowls, curry rice, unagi (freshwater eel), seasonal hot pots.

▼ Some of Yoshinoya’s breakfast sets

Aside from rewarding their most loyal customers, the discount campaign could be a clever way to encourage customers to try some of Yoshinoya’s non-beef bowl items. Yoshinoya’s beef bowls are so iconic that many customers order it by default, but if you’re eating there twice a day, you can branch out while still satisfying your gyudon cravings.

The campaign is going on now and continues until December 11.

Source: PR Times
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