Some people like to live a minimalist lifestyle – keeping the bare minimum of possessions and even living in tiny houses to help stave off clutter. But the vast majority of people who’ve lived a long, full life tend to have stores of secret treasures stacked up that can still be both fascinating and valuable today. When one Twitter user caught their grandma in the act of throwing away a box of old postcards and photos, they rugby tackled the old dear (erm, figuratively) to prevent her from trashing some priceless artefacts of the past. Join us after the jump for a good gander at granny’s box of memories!

Twitter user yukue_yukue caused excitement when they shared several snaps of the contents of a box liberated from their granny’s over-zealous cleaning spree:

“The box grandma was about to throw away was full of treasures so we stopped her!”

“A photograph from the Takarazuka Revue from 73 years ago!”

Here’s some more shots of what was in granny’s box from the past:

Here’s how folks on Twitter responded to this incredible find:

“I wonder how much all this is worth nowadays?”

“I can’t believe she was actually going to throw this away!”

“Good job, granny!”

“I bet there’s a lot of people who would pay good money for that Takarazuka pic.”

“I bet you’ll get some offers from museums and collectors for this.”

“Sell it to meeee!”

“They look perfectly preserved! How?”

“I love those old illustrations!”

“Sell ’em on Yahoo auctions, make money!”

“Please scan the photos! I want them!”

“Your grandma’s house must exist in a time warp!”

So, just how was granny able to keep the photos in such perfect condition for all these years?

“For those who are asking, yes we’re going to keep the contents of the box. It’s a metal box, which was apparently bought on the black market!”

So that’s granny’s secret! Well, it’s too late trying to get rid of the evidence now – your grandkids have caught you red-handed!

Source: Hamusoku
Images: Hamusoku