Unfortunately forgetful granny’s hidden treasure box did not contain tissues, so you’ll want to grab some of your own.

As many people who take care of an elderly relative can attest, it’s not unusual for idiosyncrasies to grow stronger and memories weaker at advanced ages. That combination seems to be occurring with Japanese Twitter user @0rororeo’s grandmother, who recently decided to hide both her health insurance card and bank book, as a precaution against potential burglars sneaking into her home and stealing the items.

Unfortunately, Granny then forgot where she hid them.

Dutiful granddaughter that she is, @0rororeo offered to help look for the misplaced items in her grandma’s home. After they didn’t turn up in any easy-to-access places, @0rororeo began searching deeper and deeper inside the closet, and finally came across a box with “These are my important items. Do not steal them!” written on it.

“This has to be it…,” thought @0rororeo. She opened the box, and sure enough, it held some very important things…but neither her grandma’s insurance card or bank book. So what was inside?

“Photos of my sister and me when we were little kids, and a photo of my mother (her daughter) on her wedding day.”

Knowing the contents of the box, the “These are my important items. Do not steal them!” goes from a quaintly old-fashioned warning to a heartfelt plea to protect the precious symbols of her multi-generational bonds with her family. Logically, there’s no reason anyone would want to steal someone else’s personal photos, but even then, the thought of losing them was heartbreaking enough that @0rororeo’s grandmother felt the need to take the extra precaution of writing what she did on the box.

@0rororeo wasn’t the only one moved by her grandmother’s words, as other Twitter users reacted with:

“Well that one hits me right in the heart.”
“It’s OK if I start crying now, right?”
“Your grandmother is adorable.”
“Your grandma has an excellent understanding of what’s important.”
“Jewels aren’t the only treasures people hang on to.”

As for the documents, @0rororeo says they still haven’t been able to find where her grandma hid them, so they’re going to have them reissued, then decide as a family where to keep them. She still has her photos though, and those are the treasures that can’t be replaced.

Source: Twitter/@0rororeo via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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