Grandma always knows best. 

Snack aisles at Japanese supermarkets are filled with all sorts of colourful, tasty looking products, but there are a few that locals keep reaching for time and time again.

One snack that’s become a household name is Kameda Seika’s “Obaachan no Potapotayaki” (“Grandma’s Soy Glazed Rice Crackers”), which fills you with warm and fuzzy feelings before you even open the package, thanks to the kind-looking grandma on the front.

Having made its debut in 1986, generations of Japanese have grown up eating Grandma’s Soy Glazed Rice Crackers, but now Kameda Seika has surprised us all with a new suggested way of eating them.

▼ Simply add a few spoons of ice cream to the top of one of the crackers…

▼ …and top it off with another rice cracker, to create…

▼ …the Obaachan no Potapotayaki Ice Cream Sandwich!

Our Japanese-language reporters have long been chowing down on grandma’s rice crackers throughout the workday, but even they’d never thought to eat them with ice cream until they saw Kameda Seika’s tweet introducing the idea to the world.

Our writers P.K. Sanjun and Takashi Harada decided to try the ice cream sandwiches, and they both agreed they were the best thing since…well, Obaachan no Potapotayaki.


“Omg! You wouldn’t think the salty sweetness of the rice cracker and the sweetness of the ice cream would go together but they do! The light crunch of the rice cracker adds to the deliciousness — I could easily eat about 10 of these!”


“Mmmmmm…sinfully good.” 

The salty sweet flavours made these more addictive than any other ice cream sandwich our writers had ever eaten in the past, and they even wondered if they should be telling the world about it, seeing as it’s bound to ruin everyone’s waistlines.

In the end, though, they figured this hack was too good to keep to themselves. Even if you don’t have any Obaachan no Potapotayaki -brand rice crackers on hand, you can always try it with other rice crackers to enjoy a similar salty-sweet taste profile.

But be warned — try these at your own risk as it’s hard to stop at just one! And while you’re at it, you can always try adding ice cream to these other top ten sweets and snacks you’d eat at a Japanese grandmother’s house.

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