Now Dragon Ball fans can have fun saying, “Here, have a senzu bean!” while giving out pieces of chocolate!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there’s currently a huge amount of chocolate-related news coming out of Japan, and it looks like manga/anime fans, Dragon Ball followers in particular, can join in the sweet fun too!

That’s right, the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro department store recently shared a tweet introducing a unique chocolate item based on the magical senzu beans from Dragon Ball.

The tweet reads:

“Here, have a senzu bean.”

You don’t have to pretend with edamame soybeans anymore. Just tell a loved one that it’s a senzu bean and throw them a piece — they’ll be sure to appreciate it! The “Dragon Ball Z Senzu Bean Chocolate in a Pot” is now available at the special Valentine’s section on the 7th floor of Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro for 500 yen. Who knows? The chocolate covered puffs might keep you feeling full for 10 days!

The sezu bean, which literally means “hermit bean,” is a highly coveted item in the Dragon Ball universe. Followers of the series will know that these precious beans, grown by the hermit cat Karin (Korin in some versions), have the magical power to instantly restore strength and even cure severe injuries when eaten, so it’s easy to see why they would be greatly valued in a world where epic battles between aliens and gods are the norm.

The “beans” are actually barley puffs coated with chocolate, and they come in a cute pot similar to the container seen in the series. In the manga and anime, one senzu bean is said keep you full for 10 days, and while these chocolate puffs may not stave off hunger for that long, they should satisfy your sweet tooth, and they definitely should make anyone even remotely familiar with Dragon Ball (which in Japan is a good part of the population) smile at the joke.

So, why not have a senzu chocolate? Chocolate is said to have energizing and anti-aging properties, even if it might not compare with the power of an in-anime senzu bean! If you actually want to get your hands on a pot of the chocolates, though, you may want to check with individual department stores including Tokyu Hands, as they seem to be in high demand and are sold out at many online outlets.

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Source, feaured image: Twitter/@Hands_Ikebukuro