2015.02.21 CNY bf 3

The Lunar New Year is China’s biggest holiday and the time when most of the country travels back home in impressive numbers, prays for luck and of course spends some quality time with family who remind their adult children why they’re failing at life. And the Spring Festival, as it’s commonly called, can be an exceptionally annoying time for single 20- and 30-somethings whose more traditional parents gripe constantly about the lack of a significant other and the every-decreasing hope of a grandchild. A Chinese comedy group put out a video recently that offers single woman a solution to this headache—a company that rents out boyfriends to impress your parents and get them off your case until the next New Year holiday.

Although the Spring Festival Boyfriend Leasing Co. is just a fake company thought up by the very funny Shanghai-based Mamahuhu comedy group, the idea struck a chord with some Chinese singles who have legitimately thought about renting a boyfriend for the holidays. But unlike sketchy bae-hunting on the Interwebs, this “company” promises the complete experience, from providing fake memories of romantic trips (à la green screen) to offering your choice of men from all over China. And they even have some men from overseas available to pose as your boyfriend, including a Japanese model that is half-off for a limited time! Just make sure to make the final payment before you dump him on the streets.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Is the market ready for the boyfriend rental industry? Should the Spring Festival Boyfriend Leasing Co. expand into renting out girlfriends? Would you ever use a fake boyfriend or girlfriend to fend off nagging relatives?

Source: Shanghaist
Feature image: Facebook (TMD)
Video: YouTube (TMD Shanghai)