Fujoshi forced to decide makes the only choice that makes sense.

No matter how lovey-dovey they may be, romantic relationships are still made up of two distinct individuals who will sometimes have differing values, So while it’s not essential that you and your partner share sentiments regarding every little thing, you’ll have to decide, on a case-by-case basis, when it’s OK to agree to disagree, and when something is a deal-breaker.

Despite being a fujoshi (female fan of male homoerotic anime and manga), Japanese Twitter user @RainMamizu had kept her hobby a secret from her boyfriend, perhaps assuming that he wouldn’t understand. But while it’s often said that when you assume, you make an ass out of “u” and me, it turns out her boyfriend didn’t really need any help being a jerk, proving he was capable of doing so all on his own with a harshly worded ultimatum, which @RainMamizu shared in the following tweet.


“Today my boyfriend found out about my hobby, and he was shitty enough to say ‘If you want to keep dating me, throw out all your fujoshi merchandise and become a normal girl.’ So I threw HIM away.

There’s no way in hell he’s worth more to me than my favorite character, that shit!!!!”

Aside from his haughty criticism of her taste in media, @RainMamizu didn’t have much respect for her privacy, either, as he found out about her fujoshi-ness by looking through her smartphone without her permission. For these transgressions, her decision to dump him was roundly applauded by online commenters.

“What a terrible boyfriend…and how cool of you to get rid of him.”
“Splendid decision! In the end, being with someone who criticizes you when you’re not causing trouble for anyone is just a drain on you energy.”
“Your ex is worthless garbage.”
“Dumping a guy like that is a no-brainer. Besides, asking you to be a ‘normal’ girl? Sounds like he’s seriously prejudiced against otaku.”

@RainMamizu has no regrets about ending the relationship, going so far as to declare “There’s no way a 3-D guy can surpass a 2-D one.” Still, at least one commenter thinks giving up on flesh-and-blood men entirely would be a bad move.

“After I broke up [with my boyfriend who hated my hobby], I ended up marrying a guy who accepts the appeal of dojinshi manga. Someday, I think you’ll find a guy who accepts your hobby too.”

@RainMamizu has said that from now on, she’ll be telling any potential boyfriends about her hobby ahead of time, before the relationship gets serious. For someone whose passion runs so strong, that’s probably a good idea, especially considering that romance between otaku is now such a common social phenomena that there are dating services that can help them find each other…unless they’re fans of one particular anime.

Source: Twitter/@RainMamizu via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso

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