Fashion model reveals the reality behind this image isn’t as romantic as it looks.

Scrolling through your social media accounts can be a fast track to happiness if you’re watching cute cats, or a spiral into sadness if you end up comparing your life to the seemingly perfect lives of others online.

If you follow Thai fashion model and Twitter user @ViennaDoLL though, you’ll be able to keep everything in perspective, because this young beauty is known for sharing the true reality behind the scenes of her gorgeous-looking photos.

Case in point is this recent photo that showed her gazing into the camera, posted with a comment in Japanese that reads: “My boyfriend bought me some juice ❤︎ haha”.

“What a great boyfriend!” You might be thinking. Or maybe, “I wish I had a thoughtful boyfriend like that!” However, Vienna would like you to know that you shouldn’t trust everything you see on social media. Because this is the true reality of the situation:

As you can see, there’s no thoughtful boyfriend on the scene here. Vienna doesn’t need a boyfriend to buy her juice (a catchall term in Japan for soft drinks, juices and sports drinks like Pocari Sweat), and she doesn’t need one to take a photo of her either, as she’s got everything covered herself.

And in case you thought there might be a secret boyfriend hiding behind the camera used to take the wide shot, Vienna would like to clear that up too, saying the photo was taken with a phone on a tripod, and she used the remote button in her left hand to take the photo.

▼ Instagram ideals vs reality.

People around Japan were impressed by Vienna’s dexterity, and her willingness to lift the curtain on what really goes on outside of the frame, sending her tweet viral with over 23,000 retweets, 200,000 likes, and comments like:

“Your yoga skills are next level!” 
“This is 500 times harder than actually asking a boyfriend to get you some juice!”
“Wow – that second shot was a surprise!”
“You’re so dexterous!”

“If I lifted my leg like that I’d get a cramp straight away!”

Vienna’s sense of humour is a big part of what makes her so popular with her 864,000 followers on Twitter, and she also has a huge following on YouTube and Instagram as well.

This isn’t the first time she’s made a stir online, though, because she’s also shown us the reality behind what woman really do when socially distancing themselves at home during the pandemic. Trust us, it’s far from glamorous!

Source: Twitter@ViennaDoLL via Jin
Images: Twitter@ViennaDoLL
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