Tochigi local idol group Tochiotome 25 have once again released a music video showcasing the charms of their rural home town with “Yu” (release date: April 22). This one’s… a little different.

The video starts off in a rather dark fashion with a stressed-out Japanese salaryman being pushed to the edge by the pressures of working in a big city. Wanting to get away, he goes out into the countryside where he encounters an onsen staffed by the members of Tochiotome 25.


The scene where he is pulled into the bath by the members seemed pretty sketchy at first but it actually ends up being pretty hilarious! After an extravagant Japanese dinner in an empty dining hall and putting his head down to sleep, the salaryman is awoken in the middle of the night for a special performance by Tochiotome 25 that restores his will to live. Disclaimer: this is not what usually happens at an onsen, but they are great places to refresh and relax.

With “Golden Week” in Japan just around the corner, “Yu” is a refreshing reggae-inspired song that gives an idea of what all the millions of people who will be escaping the big cities will be looking for on their days off.

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