Cars don’t get any blacker than this.

Choosing a color is always an important part of getting a new car. You want something that suits your tastes, but also doesn’t draw too much attention or constantly looks dirty. For those reasons black is often a nice color, but even then there are many shades of black from a dark charcoal grey all the way to…this.

You are kind of looking at what is believed to be the blackest car in the world, a Porsche 911 that was painted at Pit One in Gifu City recently. It is covered in the world’s blackest water-based acrylic paint Musou Black, which was developed by Koyo Orient Japan in Saitama Prefecture and released in September, 2020.

▼ A video showing the creation of the Musou Black Porsche

The paint gave this Porsche a refection rate of about 0.6 percent of visible light, making it slightly darker than the Vantablack BMW X6, which is said to reflect about 1 percent of light overall.

▼ However, it’s so close at this point, a more accurate head-to-head measurement would probably be needed to crown a clear winner

▼ The YouTube channel Dip Your Car also painted a car Musou Black, but had since put sparkly stars on it, taking it out of the running.

Pit One’s Musou Black Porsche was also painted with the help of Koyo Orient, ensuring that they could get the blackest effect possible. And yet, despite its both eye-catching and eye-evading appearance, online comments seemed more concerned about such an automobile’s safety.

“That looks hot.”
“I can’t imagine how many accidents that would get in.”
“I want to see how fast you can cook something on the hood.”
“LOL, that thing’s a death trap.”
“A truck would just roll right over that thing at night and not even notice.”
“It kind of throws my sense of perspective off. I would probably slam right into it.”
“That’s even blacker than I thought it would be.”
“You need to keep the lights on at all times.”

It doesn’t seem that hard to see, but it does look a little disorientating at a glance, so it’s probably better off kept away from public roads so other drivers can stay focused. Actually, for the above video, they made sure to clear the car with the local authorities before taking it out.

Musou Black paint is made in compliance with environmental regulations and nearly odorless. However, in order to maintain its peak black appearance, it’s not possible to wax or apply much of any protective coating to the coarse, powdery paint. This means the paint job is extremely vulnerable to the elements, especially rain.

This means you probably won’t see this Porsche on the streets of Gifu anyway, but it will be on display at Pit One until the end of July. Musou Black is also readily available to buy for whatever your ultra-black needs may be, but at 2,500 yen (US$18) for 100 milliliters (three ounces), a whole car would get pricey. It’s probably best left to gunpla.

Source: PR Times, Musou Black, Pit One, Itai News
Images: PR Times
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