Wait, what’s that? Men have naughty files saved on their computers?!

The MyNavi Woman web surveys have touched upon pretty much every topic imaginable, and this time around is no exception. During two weeks in April, the site surveyed male readers aged 22 to 39 about how they hide their scandalous pictures and videos from prying eyes, receiving 104 responses within the specified time frame. So just what kinds of schemes do they use to conceal adult content? Believe it or not, some of the men surveyed actually dished their actual techniques!

It’s news to us that men would even be into that sort of smut, let alone that they’ve come up with ways to hide it. Guess it’s time to stop living in denial and face the truth by taking a look at some of their clever strategies:

■ Dig deeper and deeper…!

“I save adult videos and other scantily-clad shots within multiple layers of storage on my computer.” (29-year-old, technician)

A folder saved right on your desktop could be accidentally opened due to any number of unlucky circumstances, so many men seem to get around this danger by embedding their secret folder within another folder, and another, and so on, requiring multiple clicks to get to the hidden content.

▼ The real life equivalent of Dugtrio’s Dig attack–it’s super effective!


■ Give it a simple name that won’t attract any special attention

“I gave my folder of dirty stuff the name ‘ABC’.” (31-year-old, marketer)

“I named mine ‘d’.” (30-year-old, educator)

Apparently, simple folder names using the letters of the alphabet are a popular choice. The thought is that a name so basic will go unnoticed when mixed in with other folder names like “Awesome RocketNews24 Articles” and “Shrine to Mr. Sato.”

▼ Or maybe it’s just a good strategy to deter any Japanese women who balk at the sight of English…?


■ Give it a deceptively specific name that no one will ever second-guess

“I used the folder name ‘World Masterpiece Theater’ (世界名作劇場).” (35-year-old, businessman)

“I created a folder called ‘o-sewa’ [‘help, assistance’], and I use it to store my videos and links to adult websites.” (31-year-old, technician)

On the flip side, instead of naming the folder something so simple that it will be overlooked, many men responded that they choose highly descriptive folder names which no one will ever guess is actually adult content in disguise!

While certainly humorous, perhaps anyone naming their folder World Masterpiece Theater should first be sure that their significant other isn’t a fan of the anime classic World Masterpiece Theater series, on the off chance that she gets excited and tries to watch an episode on her own.

▼ Ohh, so you were expecting The Dog of Flanders, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women instead?

KF 1

■ Change the file extension so that it will be locked from viewing even if opened

“I change the file extension whenever I’m saving an adult video so that it can’t be viewed even when it’s been opened.” (38-year-old, IT worker)

This one is good for men who have handy computer skills and can encrypt certain files so that only they can access it. They just better hope that their girlfriends don’t have a degree in IT as well!

■ Don’t save content on the computer itself

“I don’t save anything on my computer, but put the videos on a flash drive and then hide it somewhere in the house.” (28-year-old, car salesman)

This last method is fairly straightforward–instead of saving things on the computer, many men replied that they save anything racy on a USB flash drive or other external device, and then physically hide the device in a secret place.

 ▼ Might we suggest one of these adorable flash drives courtesy of Sanrio for all of your adult video needs?av5

After reading the survey responses, Japanese net users shared some of their own opinions and special tactics:

“The best way is just to not let anyone else touch your computer…”

“How about a folder named ‘Math’? I’d never touch that…”

“It would be perfect if you crammed some international videos into the World Masterpiece Theater folder!”

“I’ve got mine set to ‘pvideo’.”

“I’ve hidden a folder before, only to forget where I hid it.”

“During my school days, I shared a computer with my family. I collected a lot of stuff and saved it, so I’ll let you in on a little tip: it’s best to save it in the ‘system 32’ folder.”

“I don’t see why anyone has to hide his (or her) adult videos in the first place…”

“I’m boldly leaving mine titled ‘erotic’ on my desktop.”

Everyone, perhaps starting now is a good time to take notice if you spy any unusual folder names on hubby’s computer–that folder titled Masterpiece Theatre might not actually be a collection of English period dramas like you think!

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Images: Lifehacker, Bulbapedia, RSEQvBulletin, Facebook (Mimobot)