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US$100 worth of Muji stationery for less than $10? It must be Lucky Bag time!

Muji, or Mujirushi Ryouhin as it’s known in its native Japan, is a pretty neat store. People go there to get no-nonsense products of distinctly Japanese design, and the brand has slowly expanded to include everything from bedsheets to tiny houses, all designed with the same simplicity in mind. This year, they’re offering a bunch of interesting lucky bags for 2016, but one of the nice bags they are selling is one full of stationery for 1,000 yen ($8.30) that promises about 10,000 yen ($82.90) worth of stuff.

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We had to see for ourselves if such a good deal was possible. And even if it wasn’t, we’d still have a bunch of cool Muji stationery to use, so it wasn’t that much of a risk.

Here are the things you’ll find in this lucky bag:

  • An expandable cardboard album

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  • A classic reusable red envelope

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  • A set of file folders labeled with days of the week

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  • A 40-pocket clear folder

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  • A roll-style fabric pencil case

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  • Ten smallish notebooks

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  • A 30-page B5 notebook

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  • Eight various pens and mechanical pencils

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  • A CD/DVD holder

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  • Two packs of sticky notes

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  • An acrylic photo frame

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  • A business card case

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  • A multi-compartment bag

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  • A set of sticky marks

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Getting all that for 1,000 yen seems like a pretty good deal, but what we really wanted to find out was whether or not the value of the items in the bag equaled the advertised guaranteed 10,000 yen, and it turns out it was pretty darn close! Adding all the items up equals 9,824 yen ($81.45) worth of stationery; this is definitely one New year’s bag you can buy with confidence!

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