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As popular as the comic and anime series Sailor Moon is, it’s no surprise that the lovely lady warriors have been turned into myriad collaborative items over the years ranging from lingerie to mobile phones. But regardless of how many Sailor Moon items we’ve seen on the market, we’re pretty sure that it’s still very exciting for fans to see their favorite heroines featured in beautiful high-fashion products. Well, that’s what fans can actually look forward to next month, when Isetan Department Store comes out with their new range of limited edition Sailor Moon and fashion brand Samantha Vega collaborative products. Let’s take a look at the moon prism-powered fashion accessories that should delight Sailor Moon fans and fashionistas alike!

Samantha Vega, one of the brands belonging to the popular Japanese fashion franchise Samantha Thavasa, is known for their cute and pop bags and wallets, and here are the items they’ve created for Isetan in honor of the Sailor Soldiers.

First up, they have bags with Sailor Moon motifs — the Moonstick Leather bag apparently comes with a lovely gold moonstick charm and the Luna Fake Leather Bag, named after the black guardian cat Luna,  is playfully designed in the shape of a cat’s face decorated with the  trademark crescent moon that she has on her forehead.
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▼ There are also the Sailor Guardians Long Wallets in lovely pastel colors with a sailor suit-themed design.SM 2

▼And here’s the Sailor Guardians Mini Multicase, also in six pastel colors. They look convenient for carrying around small accessories or lipstick.

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The items certainly are pleasing to the eye, but we guess that’s to be expected, coming from a popular brand like Samantha Vega. They haven’t announced a lot of details yet, including the prices, but the Samantha Vega/Sailor Moon goods will be available at a pop-up shop they’re calling “GIRLS SPARKLE LOVE ~ LET’S PRISM POWER MAKE UP ! ” that will be set up on the second floor of the Shinjuku Isetan store from March 25 to 31.

▼ They’ll also have Sailor Moon Baby G watches available during the same period …
SM BabyG

▼ … as well as bags, accessories, t-shirts and clear plastic folders made in collaboration with fashion brand Anna Sui. The Anna Sui products will apparently be sold in a separate area of the Shinjuku Isetan branch on the third floor, but during the same seven days in March. SM Anna Sui

They haven’t announced whether the Samantha Vega and Anna Sui items will be available on the Mitsukoshi Isetan Online Store, but we do know that the Baby G watch will be available for pre-order online for 16,000 yen (US$134) from March 4.

So, it looks like Sailor Moon fans have much to get excited about next month. From what we can see in the pictures, the collaborative products look more than attractive enough to add a little moon-inspired magic to your life. It just goes to show that there really is no end to Sailor Moon merchandise for fans to seriously covet!

Source: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site (Japanese) via Anime News Network 
Photos: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Project Official Site