On May 21, police in Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture arrested a woman on swindling charges after the cashier at a local store erroneously handed her an extra 45,000 yen (US$370) in change. The woman is denying the charges, claiming that she simply “didn’t notice” the large amount of cash she received in the transaction.

The incident occurred on March 25 at a convenience store in Ishinomaki City while a 47-year-old company employee was making a large payment related to her mobile phone. Local police state that the bill came to approximately 102,000 yen ($838), which the woman paid for using 105,000 yen ($863) in cash. (Didn’t we say you can do anything at the combini?)

The cashier subsequently made an error while inputting that amount into the machine, and in place of receiving the correct 3,000 yen ($25) in change, the woman was handed 48,000 yen ($395) instead. She then left the store without saying anything.

The woman is currently denying the charges, saying that she merely “didn’t notice” the extra cash.

Maybe some people – unlike us with our pitiful pocketfuls of change – are just used to having that much cash in their wallet?

Source: Sanspo
Image: WordPress (Sanryucom)