All-nude shopping and dining excursion was planned for his comfort, not so much other people’s.

On Thursday, July 12, at roughly 10:30 in the morning, Yu Murakami, a 44-year-old resident of the town of Kesennuma, in Miyagi Prefecture, left his house to do some shopping and get a bite to eat. Since Japanese people don’t wear shoes in the house, he stopped in his entryway to put on a pair. However, what he didn’t put on was any other sort of clothing.

After stepping out the door, Murakami hopped on his bicycle and rode to a nearby convenience store. However, he failed to complete any sort of transaction, and soon left the shop to walk across the parking lot to a pharmacy, where, once again, he left without buying anything.

All of this must have made Murakami hungry, so next he moseyed on over to an inexpensive eatery of the class that Japan calls “family restaurants” (which includes chains such as Denny’s or Coco’s). However, as he stepped into the restaurant, his non-attire caught the attention of a 50-something female employee, who screamed in shock at the unexpected sight of Murakami’s birthday suit which he’d received roughly four and a half decades ago. Suddenly, every eye in the restaurant was on Murakami, and a courageous man who’d seen Murakami enter the restaurant rushed in and subdued him, ending his naked day out roughly 15 minutes after it had started.

▼ Question: If you do manage to get served in a restaurant while you’re naked, is it more or less gross to put a napkin on your lap?

The police arrived shortly (having already received other calls about Murakami that day) and arrested Murakami. Some reports claim he exposed his genitals to the female restaurant worker, but given his state of undress, he might not have been trying to show his man bits to her specifically. If nothing else, though, he now faces public indecency charges, since while Japan is fine with nakedness in its hot spring baths and cartoons, it’s less welcoming of it in its restaurants.

However, it’s not entirely certain that Murakami (who was described as “slightly drunk” at the time) made his decision to go without clothes for exhibitionist purposes. When police asked him for his motive, he replied, in a quiet voice:

“It’s really hot today…”

Yes, it is true that Japan is in the middle of a fierce heat wave. Nevertheless, going out without clothing on is just asking for trouble. Even if your chances of getting bitten by mosquitoes are lower than they’ve been in years, you should at least think about what the intense heat of the sun’s rays will do to the delicate skin of your crotch and inner thighs if you hop on a bicycle nude, so at the bare minimum, you’ll want to wear pants, a shirt, and maybe an old Japanese lady-style face mask.

Sources: Nico Nico News/Shirabee, Sanspo
Top image: Pakutaso
insert image: Pakutaso