So, chocolate and ice cream —  a delightful combination any way you look at it, right? And nowhere in the world can you expect the combination to be appreciated more than in Japan, the land of the Valentines’ Day chocolate craze and unbelievable ice cream flavors.

As a matter of fact, the Japanese love both foods so much that we couldn’t be satisfied with just regular chocolate ice cream. We had to create an extra-special version of the combination, and you only have to take one look at the picture of the ice cream to see how unique it is. Available only by advance order, it’s ice cream made from the Quernon d’Ardoise chocolate from France … and it comes in a bright, eye-popping blue!


If you think blue is an unusual color for ice cream, it’s actually the chocolates that are blue. Made at the shop La Petite Marquise in the city of Angers located in the Loire region of France, the Quernon d’Ardoise is a blue chocolate filled with a caramelized nougat center. The confection is inspired by the blue tiles the area is known for, and ever since Japanese online shop FELISSIMO began offering the distinctively colored chocolates, they’ve become a huge hit — the most popular item in the shop’s “Chocolate of Happiness Catalogue” in fact — with over 10,000 people ordering them during Valentine’s season this year. The chocolate’s immense popularity has come as somewhat of a surprise, since Japanese consumers generally have never responded well to blue-colored foods. 

▼ The beautiful Quernon d’Ardoise chocolates from La Petite Marquise


The Quernon d’Ardoise chocolates, however, have only been available during the winter, and as fans were eager for a taste of the blue sweets during the summer as well, the idea for an ice cream product suitable for warm weather was born.


The “Blue Chocolate of Happiness Quernon d’Ardoise Gelato,” as the ice cream is being called, will be produced exclusively by FELISSIMO using Quernon d’Ardoise chocolates imported from France and sold only by pre-order.

▼ Each cup of the ice cream contains roughly the equivalent of two Quernon d’Ardoise chocolate pieces, or about 400 yen (US$3.29) worth of chocolate, as well as small pieces of candied almonds and hazelnuts. The ice cream itself also contains white chocolate.


▼ Tell us you’re not craving ice cream now…


The Blue Chocolate of Happiness Quernon d’Ardoise Gelato is available from the FELISSIMO site in a package of eight 120-milliliter (four-ounce) cups priced at 6,000 yen (US$50), and they’ll be taking orders until July 15 for delivery in mid to late August.

So, if you’re going to be in Japan this summer, how about pampering yourself with this one-of-a-kind ice cream? Despite its striking color, the unique dessert should make any sweets-lover feel the exact opposite of blue!

Source and photos: FELISSIMO press release (Japanese)