A Franco-German artist is tasked reinterpreting an iconic symbol of Japanese culture. The torii gate is usually seen outside of Shinto shrines as a marker designating an entrance into a sacred space. Benoît Maubrey is creating a more interactive version than the traditional red ones found throughout Japan.

Meriken Park in Kobe will be the site of a torii made entirely out of 300 recycled speakers. The sculpture is functional and includes a four-way channel so visitors can speak to one another through the gate using a microphone or their smartphones. When it’s not in use, the gate will emit varying kinds of white noise.


Kobe City Hall is currently accepting speakers on Maubrey’s behalf. He previously made other sculptures blending electronics and the divine including his sculpture “Temple” in Germany.

SPEAKER SCULPTURES from Benoit Maubrey on Vimeo.

[Via Japan Trends]

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